Data Recovery & Transfer

1) Build External Hard Drive (New or Your Old Hard Drive)
2) Data Transfer
3) Data Recovery, (No Recovery, No Charge)

4) Hard Drive Bad Sector Recovery, (Non-Refundable Service)
5) Mechanical Failures: Call For A Quote. Service is preformed by ESS Data Recovery. ESS Data Recovery rates do vary depending on the reason for the mechanical failure. Evaluation is free in most cases.

Bad sectors (magnetic errors) on your hard drive surface. This will cause you to have troubles with reading, writing and copying data to the hard drive; the operating system will become unstable and after while the computer will not boot at all. This problem can be repaired without the high cost of a new hard drive, installation charge and data transfer/recovery services. There are only 2 reasons why a hard drive needs to be replaced. 1) increase capacity 2) mechanical failure. A hard drive with only bad sectors is not a mechanical failure and does not need to be replaced. Magnetic errors are easily repaired.

Hard drives can be sent to us via UPS at your expense or drop by appointment.


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