Data Recovery 

Did you accidentally delete, lost or reformatted over your photos, music, or important files from your removable media storage, external hard drive or PC hard drive? Is your computer displaying a blue screen or not booting? Is your PC non-repairable or just don't want to repair it? We can help you with all these problems!

Greg's PC Repair offers 3 different options of data recovery at AFFORDABLE FLAT RATE PRICING. We are an ESS Data Recovery Partner. So if a recovery of your data is not possible due to a mechanical failure, we can work with Ontrack to attempt recovery of your data. 

1) Software Based Recovery- deleted, lost or reformatted PC hard drives, removable media storage (camera cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives) 

2) Build External Hard Drives- When the PC is not repairable or you just don't want to repair it. (We can build a external hard drive using your existing PC hard drive) 

3) Hard Drive Bad Sector Recovery- Is your PC displaying a blue screen or not booting. We can try to recovery the bad sectors, thus making the hard drive operate again. Your data/file structure is not changed during this process and will be accessible. Please note that not all bad sectors are mechanical and mechanical errors doesn't always mean you need to replace the hard drive. 

4) Mechanical Failures- Hard drives, camera cards, USB flash drives, etc that have a mechanical problems. We will work with ESS Data Recovery to attempt a recovery your data in a clean room environment. 

Please note that options 1 & 3-If we can't recover any data or recover the bad sectors, you will not be charged a fee. WE DON'T CHARGE A DIAGNOSTIC FEE* OR HIDDEN CHARGES

Computers and hard drives can be dropped off by appointment or you can send your hard drives via UPS to us at your expense.

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*If your PC problem is fixable and decide not use our services, a $20.00 fee maybe charged for diagnostic testing.
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